Grip-Tite Foundation System

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Grip-Tite Team

David Nicholl David Nicholl
President & CEO
David is responsible for the overall operation of the company. He oversees all activities and works to ensure that the company runs smoothly and continues to adhere to the basic principles on which it was founded.
Mike Johnson
Vice President
As a semi-retired partner at Grip-Tite with 36 years of experience, Mike is able to contribute his knowledge to all aspects of the business.
Ross Nicholl
Vice President - Operations / Production Manager
Ross coordinates all of our orders along with the manufacturing of all of our products, from purchasing of raw materials to shipment of the finished product to our customers. He is the main contact for our dealers concerning orders and general customer service.
Tony Jacobsen
Senior Engineer
Tony is our Senior Engineer, specializing in Geotechnical Engineering and is in charge of product design engineering. He also assists the dealers in proper pairing of our products to the job specifications.
Nick Farkas
Director of Dealer Development
Nick is responsible for expanding the network of Grip-Tite dealers.  He will also be traveling throughout our dealer network to work with our team in developing strategies and working with dealers to share his many years of experience in the foundation structural repair industry. 
Rene Loest Rene Loest
Accounting & Office Manager
Rene is in charge of of all accounting and office functions, including Accounts Receivables. She is also our Human Resource Manager and makes sure all of our great employees have what they need to function optimally.
  Beth Milledge
Administrative Assistant
Beth takes care of all of our customer order entry processing and invoice preparation and paperwork. She also answers the phones, and is generally the first voice you hear when calling Grip-Tite.


Carly Nicholl
Administrative Assistant