Our Team - A Look at The Grip-Tite Manufacturing Co. Employees

At Grip-Tite, we only hire the best. Our employees are hired based on their talents, passion, and dedication to the business. We know that these individuals can do what it takes to make our business run as seamlessly as possible. So, take a look at our team members, learn a little about what they do, and then give us a call to see what we can do for you. Whether you’re looking for a career in this industry or just want to get some of our products, we can help. All you have to do is call today!

Mike Johnson


With over 40 years of Grip-Tite experience, Mike has served in all capacities at Grip-Tite and offers a unique perspective to the staff as they look to improve Grip-Tite products and services daily.

Steve Lage


As President, Steve sees over the big picture and guides the staff using his vast experience as a business consultant and his experience in the Kaizen methodology of continuous improvement in manufacturing and systems.

Curt Schwalen

Operations Manager


Tom Barrett

Vice President of Dealer Development

tbarrett@griptite.com (612) 695-3459

Rene Loest

Accounting Manager

rene@griptite.com (515) 444-5979 ext. 102

Tim Hake

Production Manager

tim.hake@griptite.com (515) 705-2500

Tom Bush

Production Supervisor

tom@griptite.com (515) 444-5979 ext. 108

Emily Cahill

Project Manager

emily.cahill@griptite.com (515) 705-2504

Cody Kilhullen

Supply Chain Techician

cody@griptite.com (515) 444-5979 ext. 107

Kalli Gazzano

Dealer Support Representative

kalli@griptite.com (515) 444-5979 ext. 111

Beth Milledge

Dealer Care Representative

beth@griptite.com (515) 444-5979 ext. 101

Tyler Burrell

Manufacturing Engineer

tburrell@griptite.com (515) 705-2503

Courtney Drake

HR Generalist

courtney@griptite.com (515) 444-5979

Nick Lage

Lead Design Technician

nick@griptite.com (515) 444-5979 ext. 105

Joel Followill

Production Supervisor

(515) 444-5979