Become A Certified Installer


As a potential dealer, you know how expensive products can get and how hard that can make it to sell your services to customers. At Grip-Tite®, we want to help you encourage people to use your services, regardless of the price, by using our 3rd party financing provider.

What 3rd Party Financer Do We Use?

Grip-Tite® has teamed up with GreenSky Loan Program, a leader in home improvement financing. Providing flexible financing options to your customers not only helps you get paid faster, but it will help expand your target market and close more sales. We did our research to ensure this is the best financing option on the market.

What Benefits Does Green Sky Have?

Lucky for you, Green Sky has a lot of benefits to their financing, making it easy to sell to your potential customers. Green Sky can provide:

  • Customer approval within seconds
  • Quick payment provided
  • Flexible payment plans for any budget

Choose Grip-Tite & Green Sky

We are a company with over 90 years of experience. If you want to have a successful foundation repair business, trust us to give you the tools you need for that success. We have researched and perfected the best ways to help our dealers so that you never feel like you’re doing everything by yourself. If you have any questions or are ready to get started, give us a call today!