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Case Studies

Grip-Tite Manufacturing Foundation Repair Case Studies

Our products are used in a number of applications, whether they involve foundation repair or basement waterproofing. We stand by our products and their performance over the years. We have tested all solutions for many years before their sale on the market and can guarantee their success. Check out some of our foundation repair case studies below that are broken up by system used and location installed.

Helical Pier Installations

Helical piers are used when foundations are exposed to too much moisture over time or when foundation construction was done wrong. To keep the value of your home and keep you safe, helical piers are installed. The piles are screwed into the ground until they reach suitable soil and spaced to handle the full load of the structure. Brackets on the foundation walls are used for bracing and adjustments later on. Check out the two examples below of helical pier installation jobs where our products have been used.

Helical Tieback Installations

Helical Tiebacks are often used when a wall has started to bow or lean due to foundation issues. Tiebacks consist of horizontal rods that are used to strengthen and support the walls by securing one end to the wall and screwing the other end into a more stable structure or soil. Then they are tightened to bring the wall back to its original position. Our helical tieback products have been used in each of the projects below, so click to take a look behind the scenes.

New Construction Helical Piers Installation

Helical piers used in new construction projects are essentially there as a prevention technique to avoid future issues and give extra support to the newly laid foundation. For quick construction projects or projects with hard to reach areas, this kind of foundation solution is popular. Check out a new construction helical pier installation by clicking below.

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As you can see from the case studies above, Grip-Tite takes the time and effort to create and install only the best products in the market. We want you, whether you’re a dealer, installer, or homeowner, to be satisfied with the end result. You should never have to sacrifice quality for a price you can afford. If you have any questions about the applications seen above or just want more information on how foundation repair systems work, give us a call today!