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New Construction

When you’re building a new home, you want to use the best materials and hire the best construction team. However, you’ll also want good soil beneath the home. Many contracting teams don’t properly grade the soil before building and put preventative foundation systems in place.

Choose Grip-Tite

When you have over 90 years of experience like we do, you know what makes a great product. We believe in the helix pier system and what it can do for your new construction project or older home that is now experiencing foundation issues. If you’re a dealer, installer, or homeowner, you can find the perfect solution here at Grip-Tite. Call our team today to answer any questions or to start your order today!

How Can Helix Piers Help Your Home?

Each year, thousands of homeowners are faced with costly repairs due to foundation problems that could have been avoided by installing the Grip-Tite® Construction Helix Piers prior to a new construction project. If you have unstable soils beneath your home, these piers can help you restabilize the foundation. They’re best when installed during new construction, but helix piers can also be installed after foundation damage has occurred.

How Do Helix Piers Work?

We have been working on our helix pier technology for over 90 years to provide you with the best product on the market. Essentially, to install this product, a helical plate is attached to a steel pier that is driven into stable soil. Once the correct load capacity has been reached, brackets are attached to the base of the foundation walls that connects the piers and foundation. Weight is then shifted onto the piers.

What Are The Advantages of Helix Piers?

There are many advantages to the helix pier system, including:

  • Cost-effective solution – cheaper than replacement
  • Fast installation
  • No heavy equipment needed
  • Can be installed in limited access areas
  • Minimal maintenance over time