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The Grip-Tite dealer network is supported by our Dealer Development Team.

This team provides installation training, field support, engineering expertise, diagnostic consultations, marketing advice, sales training, management consultations and much more. No other manufacturer provides such talented and accessible support to its dealer network – free of cost.Grip-Tite Training Center

Each year the Dealer Development Division conducts Grip-Tite University Training and Education Sessions, orchestrates the Annual Dealer Meeting and travels to multiple dealer locations for on-site consultations.

From the first day of training, through estimating larger commercial projects, the Grip-Tite Dealer Development team is available to guide dealers as they grow with the network.


As a member of our growing international network you can expect from Grip-Tite:

International Dealer Network MembershipGrip-Tite Foundation Repair Training
Grip-Tite manufacturing has member dealers across North America and around the world. As the leader in the foundation repair industry, becoming a Grip-Tite dealer adds both credibility to existing operations and open access to expertise throughout the network. As non-competing members of the same network, dealers often share innovations, efficiencies and other valuable information with other member dealers.

Grip-Tite University - Training and Certification
Grip-Tite University is a comprehensive training and education program offered exclusively to members of the dealer network – free of charge. The program provides installation and sales training on all foundation repair products, technical knowledge, diagnostic skills, management expertise and much more to assist dealers with their success in the foundation repair industry.

Technical Support
Support from Grip-Tite Manufacturing doesn’t end once training is complete. Whether the call originates from the customer’s home, engineer’s office or contractor’s job site - the Grip-Tite Dealer Development Team is available to answer questions and provide the level of technical support one would expect from an industry leader.

Marketing and Sales Training SupportGrip-Tite Onsite wall anchor training