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Living in California can present a unique challenge when it comes to your home’s foundation. The shifting soil can really do a number on your home’s foundation, causing major damage that needs to be repaired immediately. When you find yourself in need of high-quality foundation repair services in California, trust your home to Grip-Tite Manufacturing certified foundation repair contractors.

Grip-Tite Manufacturing has been providing foundation repair technicians across California – and the nation – with the high-quality products they need to keep your home safe for more than 90 years. Your home is the biggest investment you’ll make in your life. Keep it protected with products you can count on. Products from Grip-Tite Manufacturing. To find a Grip-Tite Manufacturing installer near you, fill out our form.

Common Signs of Foundation Damage in California

Foundation damage can be caused by a number of different factors. It’s important to know what the warning signs of foundation damage are so you can address the issues while they’re small, before they turn into something that threatens your entire home. Look for these signs in your home to catch foundation damage early:

  • Bowed or leaning walls or chimneys
  • Cracked walls
  • Sloped or uneven floors
  • Cracks in your floors or ceilings
  • Stuck doors and windows

These signs indicate that your foundation needs to be looked at immediately. If you see any of these signs, fill out our form and find the Grip-Tite Manufacturing certified foundation repair contractors in California near you. Our products have been trusted by professionals in the foundation repair industry for more than 90 years. When you want the best for your home, you want Grip-Tite Manufacturing.