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With Nevada’s dry conditions and unique climate, it’s important to trust foundation repair professionals with experience. Grip-Tite, and our network of certified dealers and installers, have nearly a century of experience providing superior foundation repair products and services. Whether you’re noticing doors and windows that stick when you try to open or close them or you’ve spotted cracks in your walls, signs of foundation damage should never be ignored. At the first sign of trouble, reach out to Grip-Tite certified foundation repair contractors in Nevada.

Why choose Grip-Tite?

For over 90 years, Grip-Tite has set the industry standard for superior foundation repair products. Our durable products are expertly crafted from durable materials, come with impressive warranties, and are engineered to provide lasting solutions for foundation damage. Rest assured that when you choose our products and our certified foundation repair contractors, you will receive superior foundation repair solutions tailored to your needs.

Common Causes of Foundation Damage in Nevada

Nevada is a great place to call home, but like any other location, foundations are susceptible to damage due to constant exposure to the elements. When it comes to specific causes of foundation damage, there are several common culprits, some of which include:

  • Erosion: When soil is washed away by excess water, your foundation can begin to settle in the voids left by eroded soil.
  • Soil Shrinkage: During dry periods and droughts, the soil underneath your foundation severely lacks moisture. This can cause the soil to shrink, which leads to voids forming in the soil. Space underneath your foundation can lead to your foundation shifting or settling.
  • Heaving & Settling: Even in the semi-arid climate of Nevada, snow and cold weather are still issues that affect the ground beneath your foundation. When the soil expands and contracts, heaving and settling of your foundation can occur. 

How to Identify Foundation Issues in Nevada Properties

Knowing what to look for in terms of foundation damage can go a long way in helping you get timely intervention. Often, small issues will appear and go unnoticed, only to later become major problems with your foundation. By knowing what to take note of, you can identify possible foundation damage and get in touch with a professional before structural damage becomes severe. 

Some of the most common signs of foundation damage include:

  • Bowing Walls 
  • Leaning Chimneys
  • Sloping or Sagging Floors 
  • Stairstep Cracks
  • Doors and Windows that Stick 

If you spot any of the above signs of foundation damage, the time to act is now. Don’t let a small amount of damage become a threat to your home’s structural integrity – get in touch with a certified Grip-Tite dealer as soon as possible. All you have to do is fill out our convenient online form and we’ll provide you with a list of certified foundation repair contractors in Nevada near you.