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With constant exposure to the elements, your foundation is vulnerable to many damages ranging from small to those that threaten the structural integrity of your entire structure. Whether you’ve spotted a few cracks in your walls or you have doors and windows that stick when you try to operate them, you need the help of experienced and trusted foundation repair experts. That’s where Grip-Tite Manufacturing comes in. Our network of certified foundation repair contractors in New York can help you correct foundation damage and prevent future problems.

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For over 90 years, Grip-Tite and our immense network of certified dealers have been helping home and business owners in New York maintain strong and stable foundations through impressive products and expert installation. We’ve set the industry standard and you can be sure our network of dealers and installers put their expertise to work for you.

What are New York’s Common Causes of Foundation Damage?

New York’s climate is as varied as the landscape of the state itself. The majority of New York state is generally classified as humid continental, though the far southeastern part of the state, where New York City is located, is now classified as a humid subtropical climate. 

Between rural and urban areas, cold and hot weather, and the varying climates, foundations in New York have many contributing factors when it comes to what can cause damage. If your home or business is experiencing foundation damage, one of the following is likely the cause:

  • Erosion: Excess amounts of water in the ground can cause areas of soil to erode and wash away. Foundations can settle or sink into the voids left where there is no soil.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: In addition to erosion being possible with excess water, large amounts of water in the ground increases hydrostatic pressure. As hydrostatic pressure pushes on your foundation, it can shift and crack.
  • Heaving & Settling: During colder periods in New York, the constant freeze and thaw process forces the soil under your home to contract and expand. This can lead to foundation heaving and settling. 

Spot Signs of Foundation Damage in Your New York Property

Some signs of foundation damage, like cracking and crumbling, are quite obvious to spot. Not all indications of foundation damage are as obvious, some are far more subtle. By educating yourself on what to look for in cases of foundation damage, you’ll be able to get timely intervention before small problems turn into larger ones. 

The professionals at Grip-Tite and in our nationwide network of certified dealers and installers recommend keeping an eye out for:

  • Ceiling Cracks
  • Cracked Floors or Walls
  • Sagging, Sloping, or Uneven Floors
  • Bowing or Leaning Walls
  • Leaning Chimneys
  • Doors and Windows that Stick
  • Excess Water Pools Near Foundation

When your property needs foundation damage, it’s best to act quickly. A small issue can turn into something that threatens the structural integrity of your home, so get in touch with a Grip-Tite certified dealer in New York as soon as you spot a problem. 

All you have to do is take a moment to complete our online form and we’ll provide you with a list of Grip-Tite certified foundation repair contractors in New York near you.  

Certified Foundation Repair Solutions in New York

The best approach to your foundation repair issues is often a multi-pronged approach. Foundation damage isn’t a one-size-fits-all problem, and frequently requires a combination of methods to give your customers the best bang for their buck. When you want to be a certified foundation repair contractor that people can trust in New York, you need the foundation repair solutions offered by Grip-Tite. We provide a number of different products designed to make you the best option in the fight against foundation damage. Our foundation repair products include:

Each one of these products helps solve a different aspect of foundation damage. When used together, they provide a home or business with protection unlike any other! If you’re a homeowner looking for certified foundation repair contractors near you in New York, see our “find a certified installer” page to see a list of contractors near you. If you’re looking to become a certified foundation repair contractor in New York, click our “become a certified installer” link today!