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Grip-Tite has withstood the test of time, manufacturing earth anchoring products for nearly 100 years. We take your business seriously by managing ours’ carefully. Our foundation repair products are manufactured in-house at Grip-Tite Manufacturing Co., in Winterset, IA and by a local, trusted key supplier. Our goal is to provide the best quality product at a competitive price. Manufactured in the USA, we use North American steel and high-quality machinery such as CNC mills and robotic welding.

Our products are evaluated by 3rd party assessment firms that are accepted and recognized within our industry. Our overall goal: to meet and uphold the necessary industry standards that are required to allow our products to be accepted in nearly all residential and commercial applications.

Being an in-house manufacturer, Grip-Tite Manufacturing Co. has the ability to customize products and tools for specific applications and situations. As a Grip-Tite Manufacturing Co. dealer, we want to hear from you as we make continual improvements in quality, product design, and application enhancements to ease the installation process.

Grip-Tite dealers appreciate the full suite of Foundation Repair and Water Management products we offer. With the support of key suppliers, we are able to source products for your business. As your needs change and evolve, we have the ability to procure the products you need. You can count on us for quick lead times on all of your orders. Direct shipment from our main location and key suppliers is available, and dealers have the option for pick-ups as well.

Ready to add to your existing business or start a new venture?

Grip-Tite® Manufacturing Co. sells foundation repair products for fixing problems like foundation settlement, bowed basement walls, sagging floors and cracked concrete floor slabs. Current foundation problems can be repaired with these foundation repair methods.

Grip-Tite® offers a rewarding opportunity that includes:

  • In-classroom and hands on installation training at Grip-Tite® University
  • In-house and field engineering support to meet your needs
  • The best foundation repair products on the market
  • A profitable market area with no franchise fees or royalties
  • A cooperative dealer network supported by a dealer development system that is second to none

Feel secure with an independently, family owned company that has been coninuously in business since 1921.