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You’re likely on this page because you’re a basement waterproofing or foundation repair professional who is looking for quality crack injection kits to use on the job site. If you are, you know how important it is to know that the products you get are high quality and able to stand up to the job ahead. You don’t want the customer to start calling only a year later to explain that their cracks have reopened. Not only does that damage your reputation but it makes the customer less likely to recommend you in the future and takes more time to fix, which could be spent doing other jobs.

What Kind of Crack Injection Products Do We Sell?

As you know, there are two popular ways to take care of wall cracks: injection epoxy and polyurethane flexible foam. At Grip-Tite, we sell both. Whether you like the older method of injection epoxy or think the new polyurethane is better, you can find all you need here. We have complete kits, necessary tools, foam, sealer, structural paste, and more. All of our products are backed by our experience and over 90 years in the business. We are proud manufacturers who know how to make a long-lasting product.

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Trust us to boost your profits and keep your customers happy by trying our crack injection kits today. Shop below or call our team!