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Why Choose Our Products?

Controlling the water in a basement is important for every home or business owner and especially important to you if you’re running a foundation repair and waterproofing business. Any major flooding is great for your business, but when you’re so busy, you want to make sure you’re giving the best service and products on the market. Grip-Tite can easily provide that for you. All of our products have been tested and in use for several decades, so we know just what products you need wherever your business is located.

What Products Do We Offer?

At Grip-Tite, we pride ourselves on providing only the widest and best quality products. We offer everything you need for crawl space and basement waterproofing, including drain systems, Flexi-Seal, Flexi-Foil, tubing, and a variety of other products designed solely to keep water out of homes. You will never have to worry about these products failing, as they’re thoroughly tested and proven before being sold. If you want a product you can rely on, you can’t go wrong with Grip-Tite. We partner with a number of other companies to fully research and provide the best product on the market. Shop our selection below or give us a call today if you have any questions.