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Utility Products

Grip-Tite Manufacturing is a leading provider of utility products designed to meet the demanding needs of the construction and utility industries. Our range of Expanding Anchors is engineered for secure and stable anchoring in a variety of soil conditions. Whether you’re working on utility pole installations or other construction projects, our expanding anchors ensure reliable foundation support. Additionally, our Cross Plates are specifically designed to enhance stability and load distribution, providing a dependable solution for securing utility poles and structures.

The Pole Key offered by Grip-Tite is an essential tool for utility workers, enabling efficient and secure installation and removal of utility poles. This versatile tool ensures precision and ease of use, contributing to the overall safety and effectiveness of utility operations. In addition, our Square Shaft Helical Piers are designed to provide strong and reliable foundation support for utility structures. These piers offer excellent load-bearing capacity and stability, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of utility applications.

Grip-Tite’s Anchor Rods complement our utility product lineup, offering a reliable connection between structures and their foundations. These anchor rods are engineered to withstand the forces exerted on utility structures, ensuring long-lasting and secure installations. Whether you’re involved in utility pole installation, telecommunications infrastructure, or other utility projects, Grip-Tite Manufacturing is dedicated to providing high-quality utility products that meet the stringent demands of the industry, contributing to the overall success and safety of your projects. Call us today!

Bust Anchors

Expanding Anchors

The eight blade, one-piece top plate, deeply embossed for additional strength, expands upon impact into undisturbed earth to form a pyramid-shaped square. The 8-way anchor retains its shape under extremely heavy loads due to the support of the eight blades by the base plate. The anchors are coated with a special asphalt paint to protect them against corrosive soil conditions. They are also available in hot dip galvanized.

8-Way Expanding Expanding Anchor

Cross Plates

Cross-Plate anchors are formed from structural steel and are ribbed for extra strength and reinforcement. Plate edges are flanged to resist creeping. Plates are welded at right angles for maximum holding ability. Nut retainer is provided to aid installation. These anchors are available with high grade asphalt coating or hot dip galvanized.

Cross Plates Anchors
Cross Plates
Pole Key Anchor

Pole Key

Pole Key Anchors are formed from structural steel and deeply ribbed for extra strength and reinforcement. The anchors expand upon impact into undisturbed soil. They are coated with special asphalt paint to protect against corrosive soil conditions. A rod is needed for installation.

We Have Pole Key Anchors

Square Shaft Helical Piers

Lead sections and extensions can be configured to achieve design depth and capacity.

Square Shaft Helical Pier Systems
square shaft helical piles
Anchor Rods Foundation Solution

Anchor Rods