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What Are Wall Anchors Used For?

The Grip-Tite wall anchor system utilizes proven engineering methods to secure and stabilize deteriorating basement walls. Walls that are affected by leaning, tilting, bowing, or cracking can be corrected using our innovative and effective basement wall anchor system. Our system consists of an interior wall plate, exterior soil anchor, connecting steel rod, and hardware designed to stabilize and support weak or failing basement walls. This cost-effective system features a minimally invasive installation process and requires little maintenance during the course of its lifetime.

  • In most cases can straighten wall (over time) without excavation
  • Limited disturbance to lawn and landscape
  • The low-profile wall plate can be easily painted or finished over
  • Counteracts pressure on the wall without causing damage to structure (does not rely on the floor joists or wood framing as the reaction)
  • Will stabilize bowed, leaning and sheared walls
  • The patented product can only be installed by manufacturer-certified installers
  • An alternative to completely removing and rebuilding basement walls


  • 10 gauge (0.134-inch thick) hot-rolled, embossed steel plate. Available in standard plate (approx. 195 sq. in.) or large plate (approx. 300 sq. in.)
  • Two cross-plated 10 gauge (0.134-inch thick) hot-rolled, embossed steel plates
  • Nominal diameter 0.734 inch with rolled threads in 6.5 foot sections
  • Wall anchor components hot-dipped galvanized in accordance with ASTM A-153.
  • Allowable Rod Capacity = 8,400 lbs.

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