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Pole Key Anchors are formed from structural steel and deeply ribbed for extra strength and reinforcement. The anchors expand upon impact into undisturbed soil.

They are coated with special asphalt paint to protect against corrosive soil conditions. A rod is needed for installation.


Resisting Moment – Pounds-Feet | Anchor at 5 ft. Depth and With 8 in. Counter Key
Catalog Blade Width Expanded Area Expanded Width *Soil Class 3 4 5 6
Number (in.) ( (in.)
K276 7 276 27 1/4 55,125 47,500 36,750 28,875

Add suffix G for hot dip galvanized anchors. Example: XP16G

(E) REA Electrical Approved, item Z (T) REA Telephone Approved, item Z
*These numbers indicate type of soil:
  • 3. Compacted clay and gravel mixed, shale, broken rock, hardpan.
  • 4. Compacted sand, claypan, compacted gravel.
  • 5. Loose sand, gravel and clay, compacted coarse sand.
  • 6. Clay loam, damp clay, compacted sand fines, loose coarse sand.
  • 7. Silt loam, loose sand fines, wet clay, miscellaneous fill.