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Our Grip-Tite® Manufacturing Co. team is dedicated to providing dealer-focused administrative support to help dealers run their business smoothly in all facets of their operation. Whether it be for fulfillment and supply chain, Human Resources support, or overall business coaching, we are here to help.

What Does Grip-Tite® Offer for Dealers in Administrative Support?

  • Human Resources Business Kit
  • Employee Recruitment and Placement
  • Product Ordering
  • Procurement Strategies
  • Employee Administration
  • Business Coaching
  • Templates & Training
  • Financial Guidance

Trust Grip-Tite®

We understand that running a business can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the industry. Whether you’ve spent years as part of a repair crew or are just getting into foundation repair/waterproofing and want to run everything yourself, you’ll probably need some help on the administrative side. Not everyone is born to be a business manager. We’re here to help you realize your strengths and improve your weaknesses in the business world. If you’re looking for help managing your new business, give us a call today!