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We Offer Business Management Software & Programs

We want to give you all the support and technology you need to be successful in the field. If you aren’t able to successfully manage your business, it not only looks bad for you but for our team as well. We want to help you avoid any losses in profit due to miscommunication or mismanagement by providing the best business management software in the industry.

What Software Is Available To Dealers?

At Grip-Tite®, dealers have access to THRIVE: a software platform designed to help them run their business. You can use this platform to track, maintain, and manage prospective customer information, cataloging them as a lead. This program allows you to utilize the estimating application to sketch out the property, the perimeter of the foundation, incorporate the work and products needed for the project, and automatically calculate a presentable proposal for the customer. The proposal application can be signed on-site, sent electronically, or printed and delivered by mail. Once the customer approves the proposal, the contractor will be notified to initiate the project. The Project Management Tool within THRIVE will track and monitor attributes specific to the project such as scheduling, cost, and project status.

What Are The Benefits Of THRIVE Software?

THRIVE software is some of the best in the industry for foundation repair professionals. It can give your business:

  • Ability to Receive Inbound Leads Directly into the Platform
  • Customer Relations Management Application
  • Estimating and Proposal Application
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Outbound Communication Capabilities
  • Out-of-the-box features standard to THRIVE to support operating a business
  • Flexible and configurable to all of the services and products offered by the business

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Business management software is just one of the many benefits offered to you as a Grip-Tite® dealer. If you have questions about how the software works or what else is included in your dealer status, give us a call today!