Become A Certified Installer


At Grip-Tite®, we don’t believe in giving you only the bare minimum and letting you go off on your own. We want you to be truly supported to feel like you can succeed. Part of that success in business is being able to successfully network with other dealers and experts in the industry.

How Does Grip-Tite® Networking Work?

The support of the Grip-Tite® network comes from Grip-Tite® Manufacturing as well as the wide array of active dealers. Whether it’s through calls, emails or meetings and conventions, our network of Grip-Tite® Manufacturing Co. dealers is available to talk, share, and collaborate. We offer:

  • Networking Opportunities throughout the year
  • Webinars and Conference Calls
  • Opportunities to connect with key suppliers
  • Cross-training and Job Shadowing

Choose Grip-Tite®

When you want to succeed in your business, choose a company that believes in you. At Grip-Tite®, we give you everything you need to succeed, including high-quality networking opportunities. It’s up to you to participate, but great networking can take your business from a local operation to a highly successful regional business. If you have any questions or are ready to get started, give us a call today!