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Grip-Tite Launches New Product in Utility Market

New Product Launch
April 28, 2023 | Grip-Tite

Article: Winterset Madison | April 26, 2023

Since 1921 Grip-Tite Manufacturing Co., L.L.C. has been producing anchoring and piering products. Anchors for the electrical grid became necessary after WWII, and by the 1950s the company had established itself as a leading manufacturer of expanding and cross plate anchors for the electrical industry. Customers included electrical distributors from across the United States.

In 2008, Grip-Tite agreed to be an exclusive supplier of anchors for MacLean Power Systems. As this agreement dissolved in 2021 the company returned to selling its legacy anchors directly to electrical distributors in January of 2022. Reconnecting with previous clients, allowed the company to learn that a helical anchor was much more popular than the anchors it was currently producing. In fact, about 10 helical anchors are used for every expanding or cross plate anchor. The Grip-Tite team quickly investigated the process for making the helical anchors, deciding to move forward in March of 2022.

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