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Foundation damage is caused by a variety of things and can vary greatly in severity, but it’s always important to get professional help as soon as possible. Whether soil erosion, poor construction, or hydrostatic pressure is behind your foundation damage, getting the problem taken care of right away by certified foundation repair contractors in Mississippi is important. 

When you need foundation repair, you want experienced professionals and state-of-the-art products, and you’ll find both at Grip-Tite. For over 90 years, Grip-Tite has been at the forefront of the foundation repair industry with impressive and innovative products. Our immense network of certified Grip-Tite dealers helps home and business owners connect with local foundation repair experts nationwide. If you need foundation repair, reach out to us today and we’ll give you a list of certified dealers and installers in your area. 

Common Causes of Foundation Damage to Mississippi Properties

From constant exposure to the elements to improper planning and construction, there are several causes of foundation damage. Whether your property is residential or commercial, the factors contributing to potential damage remain the same. In Mississippi, the most frequent causes of foundation damage include:

  • Erosion: Water, whether from excess rain or melting snow, causes the soil under your foundation to erode and wash away. When the soil erodes, voids are left and your foundation can begin to shift and settle into these voids. 
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: When the water in the soil under your foundation is oversaturated, the hydrostatic pressure is increased. As hydrostatic pressure pushes on your foundation, it can shift and crack. 
  • Poor Drainage: Without proper and effective waterproofing systems that direct water away from your foundation in place, your property can suffer from poor drainage. As water accumulates, it can seep into the concrete causing it to weaken and making it more susceptible to crumbling. 
  • Improper Construction: Shoddy craftsmanship or poor soil compaction at the time of building can create foundation problems down the line. Over time, your foundation may sink or settle. 

Signs of Foundation Damage for Mississippi Property Owners to Watch For

Every property will manifest foundation differently, however, there are some very similar signs to look for. While some indications of foundation damage are far more obvious than others, they all should be taken seriously and addressed as quickly as possible. With the help of a certified Grip-Tite dealer, the foundation of your Mississippi property can be repaired and restored to its full stability and strength. 

Get in touch with Grip-Tite if you’ve noticed issues like:

  • Sticking Doors and Windows
  • Leaning Chimneys
  • Cracked or Bowing Walls
  • Bowing, Sagging, or Sloping Floors
  • “Stairstep” Cracks in Walls or Near Doors and Windows
  • Foundation Cracks

No matter how your foundation damage is manifesting, it’s important to seek professional guidance as quickly as possible. Getting help is as easy as filling out our convenient online form. When you submit your request for information, we’ll supply you with a list of Grip-Tite certified foundation repair contractors in Mississippi.