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What Are Crawlspace Stabilizers Used For?

The Grip-Tite foundation push pier is used to correct foundation settlement.

Crawl space stabilizers are a reliable solution for sagging floor joists and unsupported beams within a crawl space.  If a home has been affected by foundation settlement or damage and has a crawl space beneath, this could be the perfect solution. A crawl space is susceptible to just as much damage as the rest of the house and should be inspected regularly.

Our products stand out above the rest because they’re made to last. The Grip-Tite Stabilizer consists of a heavy-duty, adjustable steel column that is adaptable to slab or precast block installations and can support vertical loads greater than 60,000 pounds.

  • Cost-competitive versus other jack-post or lolly column alternatives
  • Stabilizer spacing can be adjusted to assure stresses in beam joists and soils are within acceptable limits.
  • High capacity 3-inch O.D. steel pier column can be cut to desired length at job site
  • Pre-drilled holes in steel plate allow for connection to beam or floor joists
  • Heavy-duty 10-inch long threaded rod allows for easy adjustment
  • Provides supplemental support of an axial load of up to 30,000 lbs. (30 Kips or 15 tons)
  • Compacted crushed stone or crushed (recycled) concrete base effectively transfers the structural load from the stabilizer to the existing soils. A poured concrete base (footing) may also be considered.


  • 3.0-inch Outside Diameter (O.D.) x 0.120-inch wall tube steel, ultimate tensile strength = 80,000 psi (min.), yield tensile strength = 70,000 psi (min.)
  • Capacities determined by an Independent Testing Laboratory:
    Ultimate > 60 Kips
    Allowable = 30 Kips (FOS = 2)**The Stabilizer is not designed to support or resist lateral loads.